Our designing process begins before the fall semester starts, drafting preliminary designs and brainstorming possible connection ideas for our bridge. Specifications are created to satisfy competition rules, and detailed sketches are made to be modeled in CAD. Physical models are created using Autodesk Inventor for visualization and plan creation. Structural analysis is performed using SAP. Coordinating with both structural and construction captains, we design a bridge that resists the load capacity while being engineered for fast construction times  


The Newmark Student Shop has been our home for self-fabricating our designed bridge. All new members are trained during the first weeks of the semester to use the various equipment and tools in the shop. Safe working practices are maintained, with a safety briefing every week. From cutting steel sections to welding connections, we take pride in fabricating our bridge to be competition ready.  


Our hard work throughout the two semesters with design and fabrication finally comes to a close with our AISC regional competition. A major component of our overall score comes from constructing our bridge in the fastest time. Practice starts during the middle of second semester and connections of our bridge are tested for construction speed. This last stretch is when our members truly create a team bond with late night practices and dinner socials.